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Ever just know, put your brain in neutral and just sort of let your thoughts roll out slowly? 

I do it all the time...somedays I don't take my brain out of neutral for HOURS.
I daydream about Heaven, what my mansion will be like, whether there are animals in Heaven (THERE ARE), stuff like that.
I hope for a log cabin,not a mansion, that Jesus built Himself.
Something with split-log steps running in a  1/2 spiral all the way upstairs.
No stained woodwork; everything is left natural, just the way the Father made it, so long ago.
I love honeybees; Heaven just wouldn't be HEAVEN without honeybees, so I hope for many of them.  I also want springs of water, (hot springs!) and I want the cabin overlooking a cliff, thousands of feet in the air,  overlooking the clouds.
I want livestock...sheep, fowl, a little of everything. Not to eat, but for companionship.
And remember the Lone Ranger and Tonto?
How they were inseparable? I hope there'll be an ANGEL friend like that for me.
Someone that I just seem to click with, you know what I mean?
Most of all, I look forward to a life with no sorrow, no sadness or disappointments.
Much of my life is spent trying to reach out to other people, to share Jesus's Love with others - I'm looking forward to WALLOWING in Jesus's Love, and feeding on His faithfulness, as I enter
My Rest.
Do YOU have dreams as well? Tell them to God, share your most personal thoughts with HIM today...He can help you to realize your dreams, and can help you overcome your failures as well! God the Father sent the only Son He had to suffer a cruel death for your sins; it should not be surprising to you that He would help you out of any problems you have, even if you DID cause them yourself!
Isaiah 41:10 says "Fear thou not, for I am with thee; be not dismayed, for I Am thy God, I will strengthen thee, yes I will help thee, and I will uphold thee by My righteous right hand." 

Many of us don't make good choices, in spite of our Christian calling.
We choose to serve ourselves, and not Jesus. This is more common than you might think, and for good reason -
Many have chosen Jesus as Saviour, but have not made Him Lord of their lives yet.
The difference is easy - one enjoys the benefits of salvation while doing things their way, and the other wants to learn to do it Jesus's way, so they study the Bible and pray for guidance before making major decisions!  Learning to put Jesus first, and do things His way has a lot of advantages:
1.It can keep you out of jail.
2.It can cause you to prosper (read Psalms chapter 1).
3.It makes you stronger (read Isaiah 40:31)
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What do you do?
Do you think of Heaven, or Hell, or Jesus often? Or do you worry about bills and other necessities of life instead?
Jesus is eternal, and you will be one day, too!
Either you'll spend eternity in Hell, because you rejected Jesus as Savior, or you'll spend it in Heaven, with Jesus and His rewards.
 If you spend it in Heaven, will you be happy looking back on your life, and how you spent it, or will you rather be disappointed in yourself, and all the missed opportunities for sharing Christ with others?
Don't let life rush you...enjoy life.
Enjoy love and companionship.
Enjoy Jesus and His ways.
Live life to it fullest.
Walk with Jesus.
There really is no other choice, you know. No intelligent choice, that is. If God IS God, then He has provided for us to have a good and a happy life - and that provision was made through Jesus. That was God's Choice, and we have no right to criticize His Choices. When we do, we place ourselves in an uncomfortable position, that of God's judge...and that is a dangerous place to be!
Jesus Loved you enough to die for you,and he took that sacrifice as seriously as YOU would, if you decided to
make a similar sacrifice...Jesus doesn't play games the way some
people do. Life is serious, and so was HIS death. Take it seriously. Don't put it off - walk with JESUS - talk with Jesus - and enjoy your relationship!


When We walk with JESUS, HE lights up the dark places
in our life, at the same time giving us peace, and a sense, an awareness of HIS PRESENCE.
Jesus said, "I will never leave you, or forsake you." And also, "I am come that you may have life, and life more abundant."Ever wonder why your life is like it is ? Consider the choices you've made.....
Choose life-
Choose Jesus!

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of GOD and everyone that loves is born of GOD, and knows God...he that does not love his brother, does not know GOD for GOD IS LOVE. 
  If a man say "I love GOD," and hates his brother, he is a liar; for how can you love GOD whom you've never seen, if you can't love your brother whom you HAVE seen ???
Does this leave any room for prejudice in our lives?
Read 1st John chapter 4 and tell me what YOU think!
Think about it!!