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Thank you for your interest in this portion of My Ramblings-

Please pray for:
1.Patsy - she is suffering with fibromyalgia, bursitis, and osteoarthritis. The medicine she is on makes it hard for her to get around much.
2.Shannon andNicole - they need to be closer to Jesus.
3. Michael - He needs to know the will of the Lord!
4. Dale - he needs healing for his feet, and learning to walk again.
5. Recently a mother and father were killed, and their young daughter kidnapped - please pray for those they left behind, and all else involved; Pray for the safe return of Jennifer Short.
6. Please pray for Thurman and Mozelle - they are going through a painful divorce after 56 years of marriage.
7. Please pray for this website!
8. Please pray for the unsaved in YOUR area.
9. Pray for the SOON return of our Lord Jesus Christ!
10. Pray for Michael Harrison and his family; they are doing an important work at Orchard Drive Baptist Church.
11.Pray for Ira and Myrna Kaufman; for Eldean and Mignon Moore; and for the Woods family - all have requested prayer.
12.Pray for the Family at Orchard Drive - many are going through trials rght now!
13. Pray for Linda Miller, who is recovering from cancer treatments.
14.Please pray for me - I need the Lord's direction for my life, and desire a closer walk with Him.
15. YOUR needs - the Lord knows what you need before you even ask; ask now.

Answered prayers will be highlighted in blue.